Gift of the Givers Assists Relocated Chatsworth Camp Refugees

Gift of the Givers has responded to a request by the KwaZulu Natal Christian Council and the owners of Hope Farm, Andrew and Rae Wartnaby, to assist the 140 foreign nationals who have relocated to the 20 hectare farm in Cato Ridge.  Andrew and Rae generously offered these foreign nationals from DRC and Burundi accommodation after they were arrested for continuing to occupy the site of the dismantled Chatsworth xenophobia camp, illegally.  The children were separated from their parents and moved to a place of safety by the Department of Social Development.

The intervention by a legal representative from the Access to Justice Association and the relocation offer from the Wartnaby's resulted in the dropping of all charges and the children being reunited with their parents with all families now happily settled on Hope Farm. These xenophobic victims have been afraid to be reintegrated into their communities.  Gift of the Givers has sent an assortment of supplies to the refugees this morning and will assess further requirements. Details: Salim Sayed 0836512006.

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