12/10/2017 - Ekuphileni Community

150 people gathered at the Ekuphileni Clinic in Durban to receive the cozy purple TFG blankets from the Gift of the Givers team.
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Masinenge Community Storm Relief

Masinenge Community Storm Relief

1300 people were reportedly affected by the recent storms in KZN. The Shoprite mobile kitchen provided meals and the Gift of the Givers team delivered mattresses, blankets and Shoprite food buckets.

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Putfontein Storm Relief Distribution

Putfontein Storm Relief Distribution

At 8am we got a call from Disaster Management informing us of the 100 homes affected by the storm in Putfontein near Springs. By 10:30 a 5 member Gift of the Givers team left Bramley carrying:

  • 100 Blankets
  • 100 Plastic Mats
  • 100 Baby Diapers
  • 100 Packets Biscuits
  • 200 Boxes of Cerevita
  • 50 x 5lt Detergents
  • 100 Fruit Packs (bananas, apples & oranges)
  • 50 Loaves of Bread
  • 100 Tins of Baked Beans
  • 100
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2nd Delivery to Putfontein

2nd Delivery to Putfontein
Gift of the Givers did a second distribution to Putfontein delivering
  • 150 Shoprite Food Buckets
  • 150 Shoprite Blankets
  • 150 Shoprite Mealie Meal
  • 150 Packs of Huggies Nappies
  • 150 Packs of Chakalaka
  • 450 TFG Blankets
  • 150 Bottles of Milton Sterilizing Liquid
  • 150 Packets of Apples
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Khanyisani Day Care

Khanyisani Day Care
In KZN today we responded to Khanyisani Day Care with Shoprite Blankets, Pasta, Sugar, Diapers and Disposable Rubber Gloves. The creche was affected by the storm and the Gift of the Givers team provided enough for the kids to take to their families as well.
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10/10/2017 - Zandspruit Informal Settlement

10/10/2017 - Zandspruit Informal Settlement

The stench of dirty water hangs in the air. Rooftops blown away, furniture and other belongings drenched or destroyed by the massive storm that hit #Zandspruit on the Westrand.

After our assessment the @GiftoftheGivers team returned with much needed emergency relief aid for 2000 people.

  • Cooked Meals
  • Blankets
  • Fruits
  • Biscuits
  • Cerevita Cereal
  • Face Cloths
More details on #GautengStorms & #KZNStorms
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