Save the sheep, save the farm, save the farmer, save the farmworker, save the economy. 2019 - drought is decimating South Africa.

Henk Kruger, photo-journalist with African News Agency, spent four days with Gift of the Givers teams in various parts of the Western Cape this week, investigating the effects of the drought on man, animal and the environment, talking to municipalities, residents, farmers, visiting "empty" dams and "dried" rivers, emotionally traumatised as he witnesses sheep dying in front of his very eyes (64 alone have died in just two days on four farms, seven of which were pregnant with twins).

Gift of the Givers have increasingly been receiving calls of desperation from many municipalities and farmers in this region for water and animal fodder; from 73 towns in the Northern Cape for fodder and in some cases for water. Calls are now coming in from Eastern Cape and Free State. This is a national emergency and further rapid intervention is urgently required. Support for boreholes, provision of water tankers, bottled water, fodder, transport, fuel, food parcels for farmworkers who've lost their jobs (30000 thus far) an leniency from financial institutions for debt restructuring are a matter of priority.

Gift of the Givers has intervened with R160 million of aid in drought relief thus far drilling 200 boreholes with a capacity of 50 million litres per day, has provided hundreds of tons of fodder, bottled water, relief aid to thousands of farmworkers, and installed water-saving smart meters in hospitals in partnership with Microsoft and Ontec. Financial contributions to continue with this mammoth, life saving initiative will be accepted. Deposit into Gift of the Givers, Standard  Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052137228, Branch Code 057525, ref. Drought. Send deposit slip to to receive your Section 18A tax benefit certificate. Any queries call toll-free 0800786911. Please visit our Facebook page @GiftoftheGivers for pics and updates. Please let us know of a drought emergency in your area. Our co-ordinators have a database of urgent needs however, substantial financial support is necessary to get to all areas rapidly and efficiently.
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