Gift of the Givers Aid Distribution in Ghouta Commences

The test run worked! The first 20 000 euros reached Ghouta on Tuesday and the first distribution of food items took place yesterday. More distributions were to take place today but had to be delayed as Assad started an intense bombing campaign in civilian areas.

The cost of medical supplies, food, baby milk and water is astronomical, by example, 1kg rice costs R120. We have purchased at those inflated prices as people, especially the children are hungry. Our intervention will be in four broad categories for now: these include the provision of food parcels to various neighbourhoods, setting up a kitchen for mass cooking, getting water from where possible and supplying it via water tanks, supporting hospitals with medicines and equipment. All these items in limited quantities and at extreme prices can be found in Ghouta. In cases of war there is always a thriving war economy which enriches a select group of individuals at huge cost to the victims. Until the blockade is broken there is no other option but to pay these prices.

We have the initial pictures but they are of very poor quality given the challenges inside Ghouta. We hoping for better pictures in the next day or so.
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