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We have made a significant intervention in Darkoush, Idlib region, North Syria by establishing the South African Hospital, equipping it fully, supplying all the necessary medical sundries and expanding the team of local medical specialists.  We are making substantial progress in the building of the second floor and are providing food and baby food on an ongoing basis.  We are now renovating a school that has 20 classrooms, library, laboratory, computer room, office and teachers staff room.  This will ensure that a minimum of 300 local and refugee children can commence the education process as a whole generation has been deprived of substantial learning in the last 28 months.  Below is feedback from Dr Ahmed Ghandour, the chief administrator of the hospital and a cardiac surgeon.
"Dear Imtiaz, Salam to you 
A heartfelt thank you for the efforts you put in this, and that you continuously offer to build our bleeding country Syria. Indeed, what you are offering is saving thousands of innocent civilians, for every day there are hundreds entering the hospital, of women, kids and injured and poor. From all parts of The liberated Syria. They receive treatment and food while they are very happy for everything that they are offered, and they thank you, and all your team. 
For example, today we received a lot of injuries from areas far away, around Jabal Akrad, near Lattakias suburbs, where there are now fights against the regime (the battle to liberate the coast). 
Maybe you have heard about it in the news. We have heard the injured telling about the massacres committed by the regime and their Shabiha against the villages. One of them mentioned that one of the Shabiha did kill his own family, to cover up his own engagement in the killing  (he feared that his kids would tell on him, so he shot them to death). The Shabiha killed his wife and little daughter and did hurt his remaining kids. The rebels did rescue the kids, and they were transported to Salma Hospital in Lattakia suburbs. The injured told us about how the rebels are treating the alawittee families in good manners, where they did transport the injured. Most of these casualties were due to the flight attacks. 
Regarding the pics that I sent today, some of them in the day, and some in the night, I'm sorry if they aren't good enough, I wasn't able to finish up the pic shooting due to the emergency cases. 
Regarding the school, thanks to you. For your support. And I'm sorry I couldn't take the photos today, I'll send the pic tomorrow, and I'll start up the project after Eid.
I'm seeing some of the projects you have on FB daily. May god bless your work, and all your work in the world. What you are contributing with is great work. It's relieving a lot of humanity's pain. May god grant you healthy and success. 
Everyone makes dua (prayers) for you, and in my name and the name of the whole crew and the Syrian people, we wish GOTG success in its work. May god bless u, we will not forget that God sent you to us for relieving our people's pain. U offered and are still offering a lot. You are treating the people through ur stay in Syria and are still doing so. You offered this hospital for it to be a Rahmatan lil Alameen  (a Mercy unto all Creation) and it is indeed so. You were merciful brothers for us, and your were as angels for the patients. Everyone is missing you, and wishing your return to your second home, Syria, 
You planted happiness,  love and peace in our hearts. And you conveyed a humanistic message to ur people  about the events in Syria.

My greeting to all, and have a very blessed Eid to all.

I wish you all a happy anniversary with the 21 years of the GOTG! With the best wishes from the Syrian people for you to continue your success. We thank you heartily for what you offered us in help that saved thousands of innocent people. Our Dua's (prayers) is that god bless you and protect you. 
We will ask our Imam to make the Eid dua for you guys during Eid. 
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