Al Qaeeda Contacts Gift of the Givers Again

We received a text message from Al Qaeeda about 2 hours ago asking where is the ransom money from the SA Govt. According to their understanding, they quote Yemeni media, the SA Govt was coming to negotiate with them but note that no one approached them .We replied that the SA Govt, as well as all other governments, don't negotiate with kidnappers and don't pay ransom. They replied that governments say that publicly but still pay under the radar. We said maybe other governments but not us from Africa.

They spoke a few more words after which they sent us a picture of a bomb belt. They didn't threaten us in words, nor did they threaten Pierre. They didn't discuss negotiations around the ransom regarding the efforts by the Korkie family nor did they mention anything about the deadline or Pierre's health.  I've instructed Anas to stay in Sana'a for the time being and not to engage in face-face talks for now.