Daily Iftar in Yemen

For the month of Ramadaan more than 16 400 Iftar meals were distributed in 3 provinces in Yemen, Hodaidah, Amran and Aden. Due to civilian fighting in the Amran Province, the Gift of the Givers team could not continue with its assistance however continued in the other 2 provinces.

Total Project Value: R198 086.00

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12/07/2013 - Al-Habil Village

Gift of the Givers Yemen branch distributes 160 Food Parcels to families in Al-Habil villages in Hajjah province, in border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
  • 160 Bags of Flour
  • 160 Bags of Sugar
  • 160 Bags of Rice
  • 160 Cartons of Dates
  • 320 Bottles of Cooking Oil
  • 160 Bags of Baked Beans
Total Project Value: R91 053.00.

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Food Distribution in War Ravaged Yemen

It's been a period of tremendous turmoil for Yemen, a country whose citizens live in a state of abject poverty with patience and resilience.  Political turmoil, war, attacks from Al Qaeda, a non-functioning economy, absence of productivity, virtually no diesel and no water and with 14 million people living in a state of hunger, malnutrition and virtual starvation the masses are suffering. To

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Blind Village in Yemen

Since 2012 Gift of the Givers has been the largest donor to inhabitants of the "Blind Village" where more than 60% of its inhabitants are blind due to genetic reasons. We have catered for many of their needs including food, medical care and building of houses. This Ramadaan 145 families received food parcels. Once again our efforts are hampered by the ongoing war, security risk and absence of

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06/08/2013 - Food Parcels to Hajjah Province, Yemen

Gift of the Givers Yemen branch distributes Food Parcels to 305 families in Bani Kadeesh and Bani Hassan - Hajjah province, on the border between Yemen and Saudia Arabia.

  • 305 Bags of White Flour
  • 605 Bags of White Sugar
  • 610 Tins of Baked Beans
  • 915 Bottles of Cooking Oil
  • 305 Bottles of Handy Andy

Total Project Value: R136 053.00

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Yemen's Third Free Eid Exhibition

The Gift of the Givers Yemen branch hosted its 3rd free Eid exhibition in Hodadah province from 13 - 15 July 2015.

For 3 days the poorest people "shopped" for Eid clothing, shoes, toys, stationery and hygiene packs. The exhibition catered for 1000 families in the province.

An additional free Eid exhibition took place on 16 July 2015 in 3 faraway villages in the Raimah, Hodeidah and Hajjah provinces.

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Provision of Water in Yemen in Ramadaan

Yemen is one of the four poorest water resourced countries in the world. The ongoing war and the absence of diesel to power boreholes has aggravated the situation. Gift of the Givers has established a borehole in one of its warehouses. The water is pumped from here into the two water trucks that Gift of the Givers has purchased. Water is then distributed to as many areas as possible under highly

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Free Eid Clothing Exhibition in Aden, Yemen

Gift of the Givers hosted the annual Free Clothing Exhibition on Eid in Aden Province, Yemen. Amongst the 3000 beneficiaries were Syrian refugees, IDP's from Abyan to Aden and the local orphans and impoverished.

Items available to the recipients were Clothing, Shoes, Toys and Personal Hygiene Packs.

Total Project Value: R814 355.00


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15/07/2013 - Al-Kozna Village

Gift of the Givers Yemen branch distributes 90 Food Parcels to families in the Al-Kozna Village, Hajjah province in Yemen.
  • 90 Bags of Flour
  • 90 Bags of Sugar
  • 50 Cartons of Dates
  • 180 Bottles of Cooking Oil
  • 180 Bags of Baked Beans
Total Project Value: R46 629.00.
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13/07/2015 - Distribution in Blind Village, Yemen

A village in Hajjah province is home to 145 blind people. Gift of the Givers have thus built 2 houses and will continue with this project. For the month of Ramadaan the 145 families received aid to last more than 3 months.

  • 25kg x 290 Bags of Flour
  • 10kg x 145 Bags of Rice
  • 2lt x 435 Bottles of Shampoo
  • 10kg x 145 Sugar Beans
  • 70 Cartons of Clothing
  • 50 Cartons of Shoes
  • 20 Cartons of Diapers
  • 435 Food Savers


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