Be it a broken leg, paralysis, amputation or even a birth defect, Gift of the Givers donates wheelchairs on an ad-hoc basis to individuals, hospitals and schools, on request. One's quality of life is instantly improved when they're able to move around freely and the load on caregivers is lessened substantially.

Trey Ogle, a 15 in Pietermaritzburg was in desperate need of a wheelchair which Gift of the Givers donated to him. The teenager has Downs Syndrome and is now too old to attend the local special needs institutions and has to be placed in a day care facility.


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09/07/2015 - Lenie van Tonder

29 year old, Lenie van Tonder, born with disabilities due to brain damage, receives a new wheelchair from Gift of the Givers.

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Mr K. Charles

GOTG hands over a new wheelchair to Mr K. Charles of Durban who was diagnosed with cancer.

Total Project Value: R1 500.00

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Kutama Hospital in Zimbabwe

A handover ceremony took place around the 100 year celebration of the hospital. Wheelchairs and Walking Sticks were handed over to President Robert Mugabe.


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Cloetesville Community

On 5 July 2011, 1000 people from the Cloetesville community were fed soup and bread at the Cloetesville Town Hall in Stellenbosch. They also received the following items:

  • 1000 Blankets
  • 400 Sweet Packs
  • 200 Detergent Packs
  • 800 Hygiene Packs for men and women
  • 7000 Disposable Nappies
  • 540 x 1kg Marvello Margarine
  • 200 Food Parcels
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19/05/2016 - Bongi

Bongi from Cinderella Park in Pietermaritzburg receives a new wheelchair from Gift of the Givers.


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19/06/2015 - Bushy McKelvey

Inspiring legless biker, Bushy McKelvey, founded the "Out on a Limb" project which aims to motivate and encourage those living with disabilities. He repairs and upgrades wheelchairs and made a special request to Gift of the Givers for a wheelchair for young man who had met with an accident.

Total Project Value: R1 000.00



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Josina Mhlanga in Mozambique

The picture of a lady crawling on her knees with her two children walking beside her was seen by hundreds of people in The Star on 8 Feb 2013. It touched the hearts of many to read that Josina had to crawl her way toward help. She lost the use of her legs due to a sickness she had suffered.

One of South Africa readers, who was also aware of the work GOTG was doing in Mozambique, saw the pic and

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Wheelchair Handover to Dean Burke

GOTG donates a Wheelchair to Dean Burke of Umbilo. Sadly Mr Burke had his leg amputated after being diagnosed with sugar diabetes.

Total Project Value: R2 000.00



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