31/01/2012 - Goat Handover

Gift of the Givers hands over 22 Hybrid Goats to 10 members of the Mwawi Goat Breeding Club. This distribution is aimed at encouraging smallholder farmers to diversify activities that can give them reliable sources of income so that they are able to eliminate poverty in their families. We expect many families to benefit from this project as it is designed in such a way that the new she-goats will be passed-on to other beneficiaries upon multiplication and from which the families will realize good income through sales of the goats thereby improving their living standard.

Amonst those present were representative from Bunda College of Agriculture and the Veterinary Department for Mulanje District.

Total Project Value: R 23 191.00.

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31/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight Cream

31/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight Cream

Gift of the Givers distributes Meadowland Delight cream to the following communities:

MidrandCommunity7 x 10 x 1ltR1 330.00
Dr. Setai, Bloemfontein
Intermediate School      
24 x 10 x 1ltR4 560.00
Heidedal Ext 26, Bloemfontein   
Community100 x 10 x 1lt   
R19 000.00  
Greeflaagte, Bloemfontein
Community34 x 10 x 1ltR6 460.00
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30/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight Cream

30/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight CreamGift of the Givers distributes Medaowland Delight cream to the following communities in Verdwaal.

Dingake Primary School70 x 10 x 1LtR13 300.00
Mthlatswa Primary School70 x 10 x 1LtR13 300.00
Itsoseng and Verdwaal Community
260 x 10 x1lt
R49 400.00

30/01/2012 Dingake Primary school Verdwaald School 70 x 10 x1Lt R 13,300.00 30/01/2012 Mthlatswa Primary school Verdwaald School 70 x10x1Lt R
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27/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight Cream

27/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight CreamGift of the Givers donates Meadowland Delight cream to the following recipients in Gauteng.
LocationQuantity Project Value
R114 000.00
Newtown500x10x1ltR95 000.00
R114 000.00
Malawi Cultural Centre
for the spiritual & welfare needs of people
800x10x1ltR152 000.00
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24/01/2012 - Pontsho Disabled Centre

24/01/2012  - Pontsho Disabled CentreAfter being turned down by Lebohang hospital in Limpopo our team took the groceries to the Pontsho Disabled Centre where the goods was gladly welcomed as they too also were experiencing great food shortages and greater was their surprise because they did not expect a donation of food. The centre takes care of 40 disabled children.

Total Project Value: R42 000.00
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23/01/2012 - Zebediela Hospital

23/01/2012 - Zebediela HospitalDue to the lack of food supplies in various Limpopo hospitals, GOTG identified the Zebediele hospital and immediately distributed food to the patients and needy community members. The hospital staff had resorted to collecting money to purchase, at the least, bags of mealie meal to help sustain these patients. The following aid items were distributed:
  • Bulk Food
  • Bed linen (sheets,pillows,pillow
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19/01/2012 - Big Up TV Show

19/01/2012 - Big Up TV ShowBig Up, a moral youth lifestyle magazine series on SABC 1, identified an impoverished child headed home in Hamanskraal and approached Gift of the Givers for assistance. The family, which includes eight children, received the following items:
  • Bulk Food
  • Blankets x9
  • Fleece blankets x 9
  • Bed linen (sheets,pillows,pillow cases)
  • Shoes x 18 prs
Total Project Value: R12 000.00.
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18/01/2012 - Kaya FM's Back To School

18/01/2012 - Kaya FM's Back To SchoolA day that marks the beginning of a school career, GOTG joins forces with Khaya Fm to welcome the Grade 1 learners to Mvelaphande Primary School in Thembisa. The following items were distributed:
  • 120 Stationery Packs
  • 700 Blankets
  • 700 Food Parcels
  • 700 Bottles Shampoo
  • 700 Cans of Juice
  • Bulk Groveries for the School's Kitchen
Total Project Value =R51 795.60
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30/01/2012 - Mpumalanga Flood Relief

30/01/2012 - Mpumalanga Flood ReliefAccompanied by the Ehlanzeni district Executive Mayor, L. M. Shongwe, Executive Mayor Ms T.S. Khoza, members of SAPS Nkomazi Municipality, Ehlanzeni District and provincial government members, GOTG responds to the flood victims in Mpumalanga. The 50 families in Buffelspruit directly affected by the flood as well as the Mekemeke villagers received:
  • 350 Food Parcels
  • 50 10kg Mealie Meal
  • 50 Washing
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28/01/2012 - Zenzeleni Childrens Village

28/01/2012 - Zenzeleni Childrens VillageGogo, who takes care of 30 orphaned children, gathered 4800 people to the Zenzeleni Childrens Villagein Orange Farm. 1000 people were given a meal and received:
  • Clothes
  • Water
  • Fresh Cream
  • Washing Powder
  • Baby Milk
  • Nappies
  • Food Parcels
  • Margarine
Total Project Value: R500 000.00.
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27/01/2012 - Handover of Nutritional Supplement

27/01/2012 - Handover of Nutritional SupplementGift of the Givers hands over 60 x 2kg packets (120kg) of Walkman Maize Flour and 9,090 sachets of Sibusiso Ready Food Supplement toward the feeding programme at the Malo a Moyo orphanage. The orphanage houses 56 orphans and 40 elderly women and men. Results have shown that many lives have been saved since the introduction of the feeding programme, which is benefitting many orphanages in Malawi.

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26/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight Cream

26/01/2012 - Meadowland Delight CreamGift of the Givers donates Meadowland Delight fresh cream to the following institutions in the Western Cape.
Project Value
Sarah Fox Childrens HomeConvalescent Hospital for Under
Privileged Babies & Children
15x10x1LtR7 800.00
Care HavenShelter for Abused Women & Children
10x10x1LtR5 200.00
Eros SchoolSchool for Children with Cerebral Palsy22x10x1LtR11 440.00
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20/01/2012 - Bursary Handover

20/01/2012 - Bursary Handover Gift of the Givers disburses bursaries to 8 students in various Secondary schools in Malawi. Since this programme started, many needy students, particularly orphans, have managed to go further with their education and are now in a position to assist their families.

Pictured are James Maliwa and Babra Mangani gratefully receiving their bursaries.

Total Project Value: R172 472.00.
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14/01/2012 - Soya Farming

14/01/2012 - Soya FarmingGift of the Givers hands over Soya seeds to 600 members of Bowe Mission Farmers Club. The project was initiated to enable Bowe Farmers to cultivate the crop for income generating activities towards their livelihood, besides supporting 500 orphans as a voluntary contribution from their farmers’ organization

The farmers received:
  • 200 Packets of 2kg each Soya Seeds
Total Project Value: R10 239.00
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