25/04/2013 - Distribution to PMB Creches

Gift of the Givers continues its support to Pietermaritburg creches by providing Bulk Food and Detergents to the following areas:

Vulamehlo, Sinothando, Siyabonga, Alfa, Nxamalala, Kwampande, Umphembe, and Gems Muslim Society in Edendale

Each parcel consisted of:

  • 1 Large Unilever
  • 3 x 3kg Mrs Balls
  • 375 x 10g Tomotoe Sauce
  • 96 x 200g Lipton Teabags
  • 1 x 10kg Mealie Meal
  • 2 x 100ml Vaseline
  • 18 x 250ml Nestle Nido

Total Project Value: R36 000.00

  • UNderprivileged_Creche_1
  • Underprivileged_2

24-25/04/2013 - Careline Trauma Workshop

24-25/04/2013 - Careline Trauma WorkshopBerenice Meintjies, a clinical psychologist whose specialty is trauma work, conducted a two day workshop at the Gift of the Givers Careline Counselling Service. It was attended by 24 volunteer counsellors and staff members. This trauma training workshop equipped counsellors with specific skills to deal with people who are affected by trauma. This commitment to ongoing training allows counsellors  Read more  

23/04/2013 - Distribution to PMB Creches

23/04/2013 - Distribution to PMB Creches

Gift of the Givers distributes Detergents and Bulk Food to 3 underprivileged creches in Pietermaritzburg. The Siyazama and Drop In Centre creches in Sweetwaters, and the Funokuhle Creche in Edendale receives the following aid:

  • 1 Large Unilever Detergent Pack
  • 15 Boxes Salt Sachets
  • 48 x 250g Flora Margarine
  • 72 x 250g Nestle Nido
  • 3 x 10kg Mealie Meal
  • 36 x 120g Paste
  • 48 x 62.5g Joko Tea
  • 4 x 3kg Mrs Balls
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08/04/2013 - KwaQanada Garden Group

08/04/2013 - KwaQanada Garden GroupGift of the Givers supports the KwaQanada community in Elandskop who help sustain themselves by maintaining a garden project. They also assist a sister garden project in Bombay Road, Pietermaritzburg, by tending to their vegetables. The group receives 200 Soup Packs from GOTG.

Total Project Value: R120 000.00
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02/04/2013 - Distribution to Creches in PMB

02/04/2013 - Distribution to Creches in PMB

Gift of the Givers distributes aid to underprivileged Creches in the Woodlands Extension are in Pietermaritzburg.



Project Value

Methodist Church Creche

1 Large Unilever Hygiene Pack
3kg Mrs Balls

R1 700.00


MJ Creche Site 11

1 Large Unilever Hygiene Pack
3kg Mrs Balls

R1 700.00

Amybiel Creche

1 Large Unilever Hygiene Pack
25 kg Mealie Seeds
80Personal Hygiene Packs

R3 750.00




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24/04/2013 - GOTG Youth Academy

24/04/2013 - GOTG Youth Academy

Mr Bongani Zuma, of Pietermaritzburg, is a passionate mentor to youth aspiring to be professional soccer players. He boasts of having developed and coached young boys who now form part of team like Moroka Swallows, Mamelodi Sundowns and Supersports.

He recently formed a football club he calls GOTG Youth Academy. The GOTG team has since provided a full soccer kit.

Total Project Value: R3 500.00

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16/04/2013 - Alcoholics Anonymous Outreach Breakfast

16/04/2013 - Alcoholics Anonymous Outreach BreakfastGift of the Givers Careline Project Manager Aqirah Rawat  was invited to be the guest speaker at Al-Anon ( Alcoholic Anonymous ) Public Outreach Breakfast as part of their 60th anniversary. Her talk emphasised the value of Al-Anon to the counselling organisations as it reinforces and compliments the support and empowerment of clients. She commended Al-Anon on their 60 years in the community and
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09/04/2013 - Careline Coregroup

09/04/2013 - Careline CoregroupGift of the Givers Careline dedicated it's April core group for Counsellor Evaluation Feedback. The evaluation was conducted by senior counsellor, Yasmin Essop. It gave volunteer counsellors insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally it highlighted areas for further training and development.
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03/04/2013 - Food Distribution in Zaidiah Villages

03/04/2013 - Food Distribution in Zaidiah VillagesGift of the Givers Yemen branch distributes Food Parcels to 600 families in the Zaidiah villages. The 5 villages are:
Deer Bn, Al-marwfeah, Deer Al-qare, Deer Al-bahri and Bait Ata

Items distributed:
  • 1200 Bottles of Cooking Oil
  • 600 Bags of Rice
  • 600 Bags of Spaghetti
  • 1200 Baked Beans
  • 300 Jars of Peanut Butter
  • 600 Bottles of Handy Andy
  • 3 Bundles of Mixed Clothing
Total Project Value: R391 680.00
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