Early Childhood Development Centre

In July during a GOTG Winter Warmer distribution of food and blankets in Leandra, we came across a creche with approximately 80 children crammed into a small wendy house. Sadly the teacher and children had absolutely no resources such as stationery, books and toys. Whilst feeding the children, it became increasingly apparent that these children were terribly hungry as we watched them eat the bones off their plates and ask for a second helping. It was then, that GOTG decided to turn this into one of our projects and began erecting a building.

On 10 January 2011 we opened our Early Childhood Development Centre with just 8 children, but the very next day had a total of 130 kids with more on the waiting list. We have thus employed 4 trainee teachers who receive their training from Monica Wilson, a qualified ECD teacher with 20 years of experience. She voluntarily shares her skills with these teachers on a weekly basis by helping them plan their lessons and guide them on how to interact with the children. The children are taught in English, which is something the parents are very happy about, as it better equips the children for the "real world".

GOTG has equipped the creche with tables and chairs, stationery, books, mentally stimulating toys and a play gym outside. The creche is now fully fitted to properly stimulate and educate the learners, also giving them a good sense of security and self confidence being as many of them come from broken and abusive homes. In addition to the educational and physical input by GOTG, three meals are provided to the children daily.

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13/03/2013 - Reabone Centre in Brits

13/03/2013 - Reabone Centre in BritsRadio 2000 asked GOTG to be co-sponsor to the centre and after reading the article, without hesitation GOTG immediately responded by making a commitment to donate. The handover took place with Radio 2000 doing a live broadcast from the centre. Children were jumping on a jumping castle shouting "we are happy" as they watched us unpack toys from the truck.

Principal, George Makhubela started the
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13/10/2012 - KwaThema Kids Zoo Day

13/10/2012 - KwaThema Kids Zoo DayOur team arrived to an overly excited bunch of kids who were anxious about their first trip to the Johannesburg Zoo. The children from KwaThema enjoyed their meals prepared by GOTG before the excursion began. With bellys full and smiles from ear to ear the group then made their way to view animals they would usually only read about in books or see on TV. They were especially fascinated by the
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29/11/2011 - Zoo Day

29/11/2011 - Zoo DayThe kids were ecstatic as for some of them it was their first time exploring the big city, their first time on a bus and, the best part of it all, their first time visiting a zoo. To see the animals they've always read about in books just a few meters away from them, was just the cherry on the top. With all the excitement and running around, there was no wonder some of them fell asleep while
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29/11/2012 - Leandra Educare

29/11/2012 - Leandra EducareThe GOTG team was accompanied by the Caring Women's Forum who assisted with the management of the kids. The
Leandra Educare kids were looking adorable in their yellow t-shirts, you could see them coming from a mile away. Their first time at the Johannesburg Zoo was an awesome experience and more especially for those who had left their township for the first time.

  • Breakfast and Lunch for 100
  • 100
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26/11/2012 - Graduation

26/11/2012 - GraduationThe proud parents shed tears of joy as they watched their children perform their songs, dances and recited poems. Teachers, dedicated to their jobs and to the children, wished the best for what lies ahead as they leave this phase of their education for the next.

Community members also came to the Graduation ceremony to show their support to the children. A hot meal was served and toys were
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