Mandela Day Part 6

One of the most tragic events earlier this year was the Lily Mine Disaster in Mpumalanga; families don't have closure as three miners have not been recovered as yet; adding to the woes the mine closed down. Then their was light again when a new investor was announced; all families were hopeful of jobs and salaries again. Sadly, this did not materialize and now the families of 900 miners are undergoing severe distress, anxiety, uncertainty, economic hardship and in many cases, pure hunger. The Lily Mine crisis is a microcosm of the evolving unemployment and hunger in South Africa where our fellow citizens suffer in silence afraid to ask for assistance out of fear of compromising their dignity. The greatest service we can provide on Mandela Day is the provision of food. Gift of the Givers has made two deliveries earlier this year to the miners. It's only appropriate, in keeping with the spirit of Mandela that we do so yet again on 18 July. We will be providing food parcels and hygiene packs to all 900 families, Black and White, as in desperation and hardship all we human beings are absolutely equal.