Meat Distribution 1432

It's that time in the Islamic calendar when preparations are being made for Sacrificial Meat Distribution. As most of our recipients know, Gift of the Givers has an office in Malawi where we have our own Sacrificial Meat facility on a farm in the rural area. This facility has been developed by us with the highest standards of hygiene,and focusing on the humaneness of the slaughtering procedure; all efforts are undertaken to ensure that the animals are not traumatised by the sight of blood or other animals being cut in front of them.

The animals are bought month's in advance by our team in Malawi, once again with emphasis on suitability and quality, are fed by us and carefully maintained by us right up till the days of slaughtering. As we lay emphasis on a quality
Sacrificial Meat distribution we restrict the number of animals that are slaughtered by us to ensure the spirituality of the process, proper cleaning, packaging and instant delivery to several areas in Malawi. People in this region are so poor that they only eat meat once a year and that is your contribution which is given to them. Turkish groups have been so fascinated with our facility that every year they do the Sacrificial Meat distribution with us. However, this year we have a major problem as they want to more than double the number of animals through our facility. We don't want to deprive our South African donors of the excellent facilities, which are in keeping with Gift of the Givers standards in ALL projects that we carry out; we therefore, request your prompt response, if possible, to indicate how many shares you may be interested in. We don't want to disappoint anyone but at the same time don't want to compromise our standards. If needs be, we may have to look at expediting expanding the existing facility to cope with the increased demand.

Leaflet 2011

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