23/06/2012 - Building Self Esteem Through Soccer

Hawazi, a staff member of GOTG, was moved by his fatherly heart of compassion and extended his time in mentoring 15 young boys from the impoversihed communities in Pietermaritzburg. He is also involved in managing a diversity and community building effort forum. Some of these boys come from homes where there's alcohol, physical and verbal abuse. With the help of GOTG and the Iqra Libary a sense of hope and upliftment filled the hearts of these boys and with great excitement they receive their soccer kits and balls at their soccer tounament held at Albany Grounds in Willowton Road.

Their dream of becoming professional soccer players is one step closer but for now they keep training and encourage each other.

GOTG distributes 11 soccer kits whilst the Iqra Libary donates 11 soccer balls.

Total Project Value: R4 000.00

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