GOTG to Rehabilitate Beehives in Knysna

The fire in Knysna took its toll on people, homes, businesses, pets, horses, livestock, economy, environment and on BEES. More than 300 beehives were destroyed; each hive holds roughly 60 000 bees. Those bees that survived are traumatised and hungry. They are in search of a hive and forage to survive.

The Cape bee is unique. She is the only honeybee in the world that can create a laying worker queen if their queen dies by accident or disease . She lays diploid and haploid eggs as the workers (female)and drones(male) and the female ( fertilized egg) can become the queen when a special queen honey cell is created for her .

The Cape honeybee is a robust and hardworking species managing to overcome many of the diseases wiping out bees in other parts of the world. The conservation approach to beekeeping in Knysna ( not feeding them sugar, ensuring their apiary sites are not overstocked and keeping them close to a variety of foraging) is thought to be responsible for their resilience.

Gift of the Givers are going to rehabilitate the Cape bee and will sponsor the setting up of new hive stands, provide pollen and nectar substitute for feeding in the short term and plant perennial basil and borage plants as these are rich in pollen and nectar. We hope to rehabilitate a substantial number of bees in the long run.

Our support is immediate with the first R250 000 payment being done today. If this project interests you please feel free to participate.

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