Gift of the Givers at Comrades Marathon Expo

Gift of the Givers will be exhibiting at the Comrades Marathon Expo from 28-30 May at the Durban Exhibition Centre.  This once again to promote the Gift of the Givers Township Marathon which takes place on 28 February 2016.  The Township Marathon is the only single lapper in South Africa, is truly township in character and is both a Two Oceans and Comrades qualifier.  Many of the Gift of the Givers Township Marathon runners visited us at our exhibit at the Two Oceans Marathon earlier this year.  We hope to see you at our Comrades stand too.At the stand there will be forms for our February race, you can add your name to our marathon database to be invited for next year's event; we are promoting our winter warmth campaign which we are launching on Thursday evening, 28 May 2015, in Johannesburg, note that this campaign is national; Exclusive Books will be promoting the Gift of the Givers book at the stand which will be available for purchase; there will be handbills promoting the Nepal Earthquake Campaign and there will be various banners highlighting various projects. 

Please note there is no imposition on you to donate, you will not be pressurized or be intimidated; don't take a handbill, don't worry about any donation, don't buy a book but just come and say hello.  We really like to thank and get to know you and indeed all South Africans who have stood with us in our 23 year history to achieve the success in our projects and in the service to millions in the 41 countries we have assisted.  

We also celebrate Gift of the Givers Careline Counselling service which turned 18 on 5 May having commenced on 5 May 1997.  Our toll free counselling line is 0800786786.We ask for a special prayer for the Korkie family who were captured on this date two years ago (27 May 2013) and for the 65 year old South African cleric, Sheik Bassiouni, who is being held by the Egyptian authorities without charge since December 2014, and has deteriorating health with spinal disc herniation acquired through an injury in prison.  Our continued prayers for the people of Nepal and suffering humanity worldwide.

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