Lucas Radebe Partners Gift of the Givers Winter Warmth

Gift of the Givers has been very active with its Winter Warmth campaign throughout South Africa.  Huge distributions took place in many areas in Grahamstown over a period of ten days during the Grahamstown Arts Festival.  This was only one of several distributions throughout South Africa.  Bodibe, in the North West, was the site for our Mandela Day distribution where a borehole was also erected.

We move back to the North West tomorrow in partnership with the Lucas Radebe Foundation.  Lucas Radebe, an icon of South African soccer, wants to give back where it all commenced for him, the village of Lehurutse, 3km from Zeerust.  This is where his soccer career was initiated.  The day will be highlighted by several events:

1. Distribution of seven wheelchairs.
2. Distribution of food parcels, hygiene packs, sweet packs and blankets to all members of the community including young and old.
3. A hot nutritious meal will be provided to the whole community.
4. A contract for a borehole to be drilled at the nearby Ngwane High School to serve community needs, will be finalized.
5. The day will end off with an entertaining soccer match bringing Lucas out of retirement for a short period.  His former soccer buddies including Aaron Ngwena, Jacob Tshivembe and Edward Motale will also be playing.  All soccer stars are invited to join this event to encourage sport, health, exercise and "clean" living among our youth.
6. Lucas will be handing out soccer kits and equipment to local teams.All in all this promises to be a fun filled social upliftment programme inspiring the youth and bringing hope to poor communities.  

Distribution commences at 12 noon at the Lehurutse Civic Centre whilst the soccer friendly will take place at the nearby stadium.  Those soccer stars wanting to join the event please contact Lucas or Emily.Given the absence of water facilities in many rural areas Gift of the Givers is embarking on a programme of drilling boreholes in areas of need.  Seven boreholes have been sponsored in this last week alone with four coming from the Caring Women's Forum in Pretoria.  Sites have already been allocated for these.  Donors are welcome to support the drilling of additional boreholes.  

For tomorrow's event contact Lucas Radebe on 0798805108 or Emily Thomas on 0836520315.

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