2013 - (10 Oct) - Branding & Marketing You Through TEAMS

On so many occasions we have been asked how do we function as a team.  As if, to answer that question, we were requested by author Donna Rachelson to feature in a book where she focuses on the functioning of teams from six diverse companies which include Sanlam, Microsoft, MTN, Demographica, Protea Hotels and Gift of the Givers.  The book has just been launched and is available through selected book stores.  For details, Donna Rachelson 083 307 7100.  See introduction below:

Religion and secularism can hold hands

It’s interesting to see how often religion versus atheism debates take place in social media. What’s even more interesting is to see what the antagonists accomplish when they unite and work towards a common vision. As an example, Gift of the Givers in South Africa, partners extremely effectively with both secular organisations and individuals to deliver disaster relief around the world.

Businesswoman, marketing strategy and branding expert Donna Rachelson, focused on branding for individuals in her first book, entitled, Branding and Marketing for You. This produced so much valuable discussion and debate that Rachelson subsequently put her time and energy into researching the purpose-driver among teams, in six leading South African organisations. One of those organisations was Gift of the Givers, headed and led by founder and chairperson, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman. The outcome from the in-depth interviews Rachelson conducted, led to her writing a second book on the topic, entitled Branding and Marketing You through Teams.

Says Rachelson, “What emerged from interviewing these teams was very different from what I expected. In the case of Gift of the Givers, Dr Sooliman was responding to an instruction from his Istanbul-based Sufi teacher. Which was to start an African-based aid organisation. There were two simple instructions: 1) Sooliman was not to go hunting for projects, or the money to run them. Both would come to him. 2) The driving maxim for the organisation was, ‘Remember that the work will not be done by you – but through you.’ Dr Sooliman is at pains to stress this with all volunteers who work with Gift of the Givers. So they’re driven by a spiritual ethic.”

The fascinating aspect of Sooliman’s disaster relief and entrepreneurism support work is that he will partner or twin with any organisation in order to deliver. Provided they are ethical and well-intentioned. The Gift of the Givers maxim is to serve, regardless of ethnicity, religious or other affiliation.

Says Donna Rachelson, ‘Gift of the Givers is a superb example of how people, whether religious, atheist, agnostic or humanist, can come together when they embrace a common cause and vision, to do good for the rest of humanity.’

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