Gift of the Givers Launches Book

For years now we have been inundated by requests from the general public, academics, organisations, corporates, media and diverse members of society to capture the history of our origin, principles, values, evolution and development, detailing our expertise in disaster response and further highlighting some of the 20 other categories of projects that are not so extensively profiled.

For years we refused but finally submitted to gentle, persistent pressure from Louise Grantham of Bookstorm Publishers who echoed the sentiments of countless others that a book of reference on Africa's largest disaster response agency had to be catalogued. Shafiq Morton, an award winning journalist, was commissioned to do the research and write up. Having interviewed us regularly on Voice of Cape and having travelled with us on several of our missions he was in the best position to authenticate information independently.

The book was released in the first week of September and is available at Exclusive Books, Gift of the Givers offices, and on - line at, and on kindle.The official launch will take place today at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, Pietermatizburg Campus at 6pm and is open to the public.

Details Nicola Van Rooyen 0836605848 or 0800786777.

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